With almost ten years of being a professional photographer I’ve fine tuned my weddings collections. Aside from pre-made wedding collections a number of my clients chose to either create their own package using my à la carte menu or combine my pre-made collections with my à la carte options.


To break down all packages it includes:

-An assistant

-Online gallery

-Images delivered within 4-6 weeks from your wedding

-High resolution images, all edited and retouched

-Photo timeline

-Sometimes a second photographer

Why an assistant?


I’ve worked many years without and things always went well, but I’ve learned through experience have someone who has my back helps me have your back.


Weddings are normally high paced, time flies quickly, and I want to ensure your day isn’t all about taking photos. My assistant keeps everything organized. She keeps track of the schedule, helps with lighting, parks the car so I can run, and makes sure nobody is missed during family portraits (really important is you have a large family). Basically my assistant ensures that my only focus is YOU. I’ve worked many years without and things always went well, but I’ve learned through experience have someone who has my back helps me have your back.


What is this online gallery?


It’s one my favourite things I offer. Earlier on my career I would have guests ask my at the wedding when they could see the images, or If I could send them one. Well, I do not EVER send images to guests, unless the bride and groom specifically asks me to. And lets me honest here, clients don’t want to be going through all the images and sending out a million emails. In search of a perfect solution, 5 years ago I discovered a online gallery service. It’s amazing, once you get your gallery (which is password protected), you can select which images you would like to be private. Following that you can email the link to family and close friends, or you can provide me with emails and do a blast, and they can download the images they want. They can also order prints! If you want to gift your parents with an album or prints, you can buy a print gift certificate and let them go to town.


How I deliver my images.


I will have a completed gallery within 4-6 weeks, I try and send a few sneak peeks along the way, I know my clients get so excited. My goal is to have the photos quickly into your hands without sacrificing quality. Once your gallery is up I will be make sure you don’t need any adjustments made, if so I will do them in a timely matter. Proceeding that, we will make a private appointment at my studio where I will give you a USB key will all your images, edited and retouched. If you are on the fence on whether to get an album as well, I have a nice assortment of albums at my studio you can look at.

What albums do you offer?


I have a nice assortment of gorgeous handcrafted albums made in Italy. If you decided to go with an album I can either pre-design an album, or you can chose the images using the online gallery, and then I will design the album for you. The most important thing it me is working with my clients. I use a very intuitive software which allows both of us to make notes for adjustment to keep the communication lines open. Everytime I make a revision you will receive an email notifying you. Once the album is approved, it will take approx 21 days for you to receive it. I can either have it delivered here at my studio for you to pick up, or I can have graphistudio (album company), deliver it right to you (or your work!). Once it’s on route I will send you the tracking number, it’s wild watching it travel from Venice to London to Montreal. Even now, years after working with them, my heart flutters when I see an album is on it’s way.


What do you mean by photo schedule?


Eight to Six weeks before your wedding, I will invite you for a meeting. It can either be at my studio, by phone, or Skype, and I will work with you to create a photo schedule for the day. We will go over: what’s happening when, number of people in your bridal party (and who they are), family portrait list, you name it. We will also talk about what are the most important photographs you need on your wedding day. I want this day to go smoothly, and ensure the photos are not taking up your entire and day so you can PARTY!


Why have a second photographer?


A second photographer is handy, here a few reasons: first you’ll have a different angle during key moments, and second photographer can take photos of the groom while I am taking care of the bride. This last one is a big one for me: if you both are getting ready far from each other, or you have a ceremony between 11-2, you may want to think about that second photographer. No one is grumpy as a person who is having photos taken of them at 8 in the morning, I always feel bad for the groom having portraits taken so early. Also, if you two are not getting ready close to each other, you are wasting shooting time on my travel. I would say a nice 60% of wedding per season are with a second photographer.

Contact me for a full price list or schedule an appointment at my studio: here