I’m a Montreal wedding and engagement photographer. This gallery of engagement photography are some of my favourite images I’ve had the pleasure to photograph. You can see a variety of images from all over Montreal.


Montreal is such a gorgeous city, and even as someone who is born as raised here I’m constantly discovering new places for my clients. I wanted to share images from various locations so you can see the many inspiring engagement photo locations that are possible.


Montreal is such a beautiful city with absolutely gorgeous spaces, one of my favourites being, Old Montreal. I love the glorious Cabot Square and the quiet charm of the hidden cobblestone alleys and side streets. It’s perfect location if you want that romantic, vintage, european charm. I love watching the street performers and walking along the beautiful boardwalk at sunset. Old Montreal is a perfect location for engagement photos, from Square Victoria’s Parisienne metro sign all the way to the clock tour. 


If you are looking for a waterfront engagement session one of my favourite locations is along the Lachine canal. There are two spots in particular I truly love. First would be in Lachine near 51st avenue, this is the spot if you want to go for a sunset engagement photo session. Especially from early summer to late fall, the sun just lines up perfectly. I have a couple hidden spots I just love there, your photos will have that lovely Malibu vibe. For more of an urban waterfront look I love the waterfront in St-Henry around my studio on St-Ambroise up until the Atwater Market. It’s just so lovely, the waterfront is lined with old factories, green bridges, and why not stop at the Atwater Market for some photos. It’s perfect for all year around, winter we have the christmas trees, spring we have the beautiful garden centre, and during the summer there stalls are filled with fresh veggies and fruits, the colours. 


I don’t just do engagement sessions here in Montreal, I’ve also shot on locations such as Quebec city, Basel (Switzerland), and Manila (Philippines). I’ve been a destination photographer since 2012 and I love travelling for engagement and wedding commissions. If you would like to hear more about how an engagement session works please feel free to contact me.