A picture is worth 1,000 words

There's a saying: "A picture is worth 1,000 words". I don't think I ever will forget reminiscing with my mom or dad, looking at pictures of grandma and grandpa when they were young. There are few moments that are etched in my mind forever: my childrens' births, my first kiss with my husband, my sister's wedding, and since everyone is getting older, things have started to mean more than they once did. It's important to show your children the meaning of taking a picture. The days of nighttime snuggles and little feet walking waking us up at 6 AM to watch cartoons become a thing of the past; the only thing left to remind us is the small clothes we kept and photographs. 

The other day after putting my children to bed, I was sitting on the couch thinking how few photos I have hung up. I realized I am a total hypocrite. I try and educate my clients all the time on the importance of printing photos from our sessions, and here I sit with a very sparse wall. I wanted to do something about it, but I wanted to do something unique. I came up with a concept for this photo session: I would capture who my daughter is, and try and capture her essence. Hopefully, down the road, she can look back and show her children. Instead of dragging her to an unfamiliar studio, I created a new environment in a place she felt most like herself. We had a blast, and she got a pink tutu out of it. 

I've done so many portraits, but this one changed me. When you hire a photographer, take the time to ask more questions. Take the time to create a unique environment. Up until now, I've done wedding and seasonal portraits, but now I'm encouraging my portrait clients to get involved and help me to create a unique environment for them and their families.

Photographed, styled, and edited by Lana Nimmons

Flowers: Silk Peony bouquets from www.afloral.com

Tutu: Made by hand using materials from fabricville.com/en/

Headband: My Grandma's closet, Dior circa 1950's, you can find more vintage Dior at www.williamvintage.com

Gold Frame: Garage sale, antique

Laduree book & Macarons: www.laduree.com

Brownie Camera: Renaissance www.renaissancequebec.ca/

Belt & Chemise: Zara www.zara.com


Feel free to ask my questions on tools, techniques, and style used for this photo session. Comments are encouraged!